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Storrington Primary

Support Staff

Mrs. Alison O'Sullivan - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Chocolate, running, cycling, swimming, cooking and baking
Dislikes -Custard

Mrs. Jane Williams - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Gardening, history and the theatre.
Dislikes - Cold weather.

Mrs. Tracey Pettit - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Nature, science, photography
Dislikes - Being cold, roast dinners

Mrs. Terry Toovey - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Cooking, art, films and country walks with our dog.
Dislikes - Jelly and ice-cream, spiders and getting dark early in the winter.

Mrs. Clare Worth - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Chocolate, going to the cinema and the cute things children say
Dislikes - Frogs, milk and rudeness

Mrs Simonetta D'Arienzo-Cole - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Running, Reading and The South Downs

Dislikes - Bad Manners, Seafood and Drivers with bad manners

Mrs. Melissa Inman - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Spending time with my family, holidays, chocolate, baking cakes, necklaces.
Dislikes - Being cold, peas, burning my cakes and fast roller coasters.

Mrs. Jackie Brown - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Dolphins and Indian food.
Dislikes - Coconut and bats.

Mrs. Serena Danby - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Going to rock concerts, watching motorbike racing, making cakes, cross stitch, reading, photography, countryside walks, riding my motorbike.
Dislikes - Scary films, spiders, snakes and rudeness!

Mrs. Sue Elliott - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Ducks, going to the beach, sewing and chocolate.
Dislikes - Rollercoasters, rain and tomatoes.

Mrs Jo Sands - Learning Support Mentor

Likes -

Dislikes -


Miss Liz Harris - Pastoral Support Lead
Likes - Land Rovers, tractors, steam engines - all things muddy or greasy!!
Dislikes - Tomatoes, spiders and football.

Mrs. Jodie le Page- Teaching Assistant
Likes - Going on long walks, dark chocolate, travelling, gummy bears and laughing
Dislikes - Cheese, being late, uncomfortable shoes and spiders

Ms. Cheryl Brown - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Walking my dog on the beach, eating shellfish in the sunshine
Dislikes - Untidiness and full fat milk

Miss Leoni Parish - Teaching Assistant
Likes - 

Dislikes -

Mrs Kirsten Campbell - Teaching Assistant
Likes - 
Dislikes - 

 Administrative and Premises Team

Mrs. Rebecca Stables - Business Manager (Senior Leadership Team)
Likes - Swimming in the sea, walking in the country, flowers that attract butterflies & bees and victoria sponge cake.
Dislikes - Cheesecake, unkindness, bad manners, horseradish and slugs.

Miss Jo Spiers - Admissions Officer and PA to SLT
Likes - Peter Andre, Bombay mix, gardening and food.
Dislikes - Noisy eaters, bad drivers and swimming.

Mrs. Amanda Medley - Assistant Bursar
Likes - Tennis, walking the dog, eating out, Thorpe Park or any theme park with rollercoasters.
Dislikes - Creepy crawlies, wasps and camping.


Miss Ellie Bowers - Office Administrator

Likes - Holidays, shopping and anything sugary.

Dislikes - Spiders, bad manners and mustard.

Mrs. Sandra Reeves - Premises Manager
Likes - Walking, cake and the sunshine.
Dislikes - Untidyness!


Mr Wez Daynes - Assistant Caretaker

Likes - Football, Rugby and Music

Dislikes - Chocolate, Sugar and impolite people


Mrs Emma Morgan - Clerk to Governors

Nathan Evans Peripatetic Music Teacher
Rupert Horne Peripatetic Music Teacher
Val Wills Peripatetic Music Teacher
Russell Howarth Peripatetic Music Teacher
Mrs. Janet Snoad Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs. Sheila Harris

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Sue Moore

Miss Leoni Parish 

Midday Meals Supervisor

Midday Meals Supervisor