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Storrington Primary

Support Staff

Teaching and Learning Team


Alison O'Sullivan - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Chocolate, running, cycling, swimming, cooking and baking
Dislikes - Custard

Jane Williams - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Gardening, history and the theatre.
Dislikes - Cold weather.

Tracey Pettit - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Nature, science, photography
Dislikes - Being cold, roast dinners

Terry Toovey - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Cooking, art, films and country walks with our dog
Dislikes - Jelly and ice-cream, spiders and getting dark early in the winter

Dan Paul - Teaching Assistant
Likes - 
Dislikes - 

Simonetta D'Arienzo-Cole - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Running, reading, the South Downs

Dislikes - Bad manners, seafood, drivers with bad manners

Michelle Holgreaves - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Running, cycling with my family, my cats!

Dislikes - Meat, the cold, rude people

Georgina De La Rue - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Sunshine, cheese and wine

Dislikes- windy weather, birds and singing

Jodie Le Page - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Going on long walks, dark chocolate, travelling, gummy bears and laughing
Dislikes - Cheese, being late, uncomfortable shoes and spiders

Cheryl Brown - Teaching Assistant
Likes - Walking my dog on the beach, eating shellfish in the sunshine
Dislikes - Untidiness and full fat milk

Laura Mercer - Teaching Assistant

Likes - sitting in the sunshine - especially with a cocktail, chocolate, gardening

Dislikes - spiders, mushrooms, wine

Mia Pepper - Teaching Assistant

Likes - baking cakes, days at the beach hut, Coldplay, art, Galaxy chocolate

Dislikes - Chewing gum, anything with a minty taste, roller coasters, thunder storms

Amanda Marshall - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Cooking, playing golf and dog walking

Dislikes - Early mornings, nuts, spiders and snakes

Helen Woodley - Teaching Assistant

Likes - chocolate, theatre, walks on the beach, swimming

Dislikes - spiders, sprouts

Sarah Adams - Teaching Assistant

Likes - chocolate, wildlife, Avengers!

Dislikes - spicy food, maggots, sharks

Anita Savill - Teaching Assistant

Likes - walking in the woods, cuddling up with my family, a good book and hot chocolate, baking, knitting

Dislikes - bad manners

Rachel Gowland - Teaching Assistant (Interventions)

Likes - chocolate, netball, the beach, sewing

Dislikes - wet socks, spiders, YouTubers

Hayley Fillary - Teaching Assistant

Likes - Sunshine, gin, sloths

Dislikes - early mornings, ketchup, grey skies

David Summerfield - Teaching Assistant

Likes -

Dislikes -

Julie Wellman - Teaching Assistant

Likes - 

Dislikes - 

Emma Shipham - Teaching Assistant

Likes -

Dislikes -

Sue Elliott - ELSA

Likes - Ducks, going to the beach, sewing, chocolate

Dislikes - Roller coasters, rain, tomatoes

Jo Sands - Learning Support Mentor

Likes - Scouting, red wine, walking the dog

Dislikes - People being sad, roast lamb, marzipan

Monica Lloyd - Pastoral Support TA

Likes - 

Dislikes - 

Administrative and Premises Team


Louise Pearson - Business Manager (Senior Leadership Team)

Likes - champagne, running, sunshine
Dislikes - traffic, bad manners, spiders

Melissa Inman - Admissions & SIMS Manager
Likes - spending time with my family, holidays, chocolate, baking cakes, necklaces
Dislikes - being cold, burning my cakes, peas, fast roller coasters

Amanda Medley - Assistant Bursar
Likes - Tennis, walking the dog, eating out, Thorpe Park or any theme park with roller coasters.
Dislikes - Creepy crawlies, wasps and camping. 

Emily Rockingham - Office Support & First Aid

Likes - Sweeties, the beach and spending time with my family

Dislikes- Spiders, rude people, unfriendliness

Lisa Harvey - Office Administrator, First Aid & Clerk to Governors

Likes - Family dog walks, nail varnish, chocolate, music.

Dislikes - Olives, slugs, bad manners 

Peter Howse - Premises Manager

Likes - 

Dislikes - 

Steve Amos - IT & Music Technician

Likes -

Dislikes - 

Music Teachers

Nathan Evans - Drums

Rupert Horne - Guitar
Val Wills - Strings
Rudi Eastwood - Piano

Lunchtime Team - our Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs. Maz Barton
Mrs. Janet Snoad

Mrs. Sheila Harris

Mrs. Sue Moore

Miss. Leoni Parish