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Storrington Primary

 Teaching Staff

Mrs. Marion Smith - Headteacher
Likes - Sunshine, the sea, smiley people, music and sport
Dislikes - Coleslaw, spiders, negativity, pickles

Ms. Nicky Axon -  Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion
Likes - Dogs, the beach, going to the cinema, action movies, chocolate, new shoes and scary rides
Dislikes - Wasps, coathangers, traffic jams, hairy legs

Mrs Hannah Riley - Deputy Headteacher, Teaching and Learning. Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)
Likes - Autumn, exploring book shops, bodyboarding, lazy Sunday roasts and challenging myself
Dislikes - Creepy crawlies, scary films, being tired and ironing

 Mrs Samira Stratford - Head of Early Years, Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).  Senior Leadership Team
Likes - My lovely daughters, red nail polish, chocolate fudge cake, people who make me laugh
Dislikes - Traffic jams, dark mornings, liquorice tea.

Mrs Torie Fryer - Class Teacher
Likes - Summer mornings, the colour red and positive people
Dislikes - Prawns, raw carrot and housework 

Miss Jo Underwood - PPA and Cover Teacher

Likes - Sunny days, dog walks along the seafront, spending time with family and friends and chocolate

Dislikes - Rainy days, grumpy faces and sprouts

Miss Caroline Linfield - Class Teacher

Likes - Everything to be nice and tidy, animals and chocolate

Dislikes - Mushrooms, mouldy food and spiders.

Miss Gemma Poland - Class Teacher

Likes - Chocolate, smiles, shoes and nail varnish

Dislikes - Mushrooms, slugs and grumpy people

Ms Nicky Gilbert - Class Teacher

Likes -  Reading, sunshine, happy people

Dislikes - Pepperoni, no manners, rain

Miss Chloe Evans - Class Teacher

Likes - Good manners, tea, happy dancing

Dislikes - salt, road rage and getting no sleep

Mr. Gavin Lowry - Class Teacher (Senior Leadership Team)

Likes - Football, table tennis, geography, Arsenal, Harry Potter and the seaside

Dislikes - Beetroot and rain

Mrs Georgina Tulett - Class Teacher

Likes - Skiing, sunny days, Mexican food and chocolate

Dislikes - Mushroom, grumpy people and wet socks

Mrs. Fiona Bull - Class Teacher

Likes - Spending time with my boys, reading, baking, crafting and singing

Dislikes - Frogs, unkindness and meat

Mr James Martin - Class Teacher

Likes - Rock and metal, drumming, sports

Dislikes -Mushrooms, bad manners, wet socks

Miss Steffi Bedford - Class Teacher

Likes -  Doughnuts, music, my dog Muffin

Dislikes - Disrespect, parsnips and untidyness

Mr Graham Smith - Class Teacher

Likes - Poetry, mountain biking and rugby

Dislikes - reality TV and bad manners

Miss Abbey Davis - Class Teacher

Likes - football (Newcastle United!), films and chocolate                                       

Dislikes - mushrooms and spiders

Miss Rachel Curley - Class Teacher                                                                             

Likes - my dog, the beach, cycling

Dislikes - scary films, being tired.

Ms Abbie Saunders - Class Teacher

Likes - Cake, sunshine, happy people   

Dislikes - Mushrooms, birds, rain

Ms Lyndsay Hibbs - PPA Teacher

Likes - Chocolate, the beach, time with my family

Dislikes - Snakes, coriander, rainy weather


 Interventions - Mrs Sarah Shrimpton and Mrs Jude Randall