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Storrington Primary


School Council

Hello we are the school council; we will be holding meetings every two weeks to think about the school and how we can make sure it is the best and happiest place to be.  We will always be thinking about how we can SHINE at Storrington:

How we can be Safe, Happy, Independent, Never give up and Excel

Staff liaison for school council is Mrs George, Acting Headteacher. 


The schoool council reviewed the anti-bullying policy during anti-bullying week and they created a prompt sheet for children to use. This has been shared during our anti-bullying asembly, with governors and in the parent newsletter.


The School council review the anti-bullying policy on an annual basis during Anti bullying week and have fed into this policy. They would like children to follow their advice:


It might get worse if you suffer in silence, don’t bottle it up. Always tell an adult or teacher if you are being bullied or if you see someone else being bullied.

Don’t retaliate, be patient and step back. You should treat others how you wish to be treated, and always be safe and respectful. So, fighting back is not the answer, always step away from the situation and tell an adult.

Remember the bully may be very unhappy and this may be the reason for their actions.

Support those who are being bullied. While you should always tell a teacher when you see someone being bullied, make sure that you check in with your friends who are being bullied.

Bullying isn’t just physical; it can be emotional as well. Think twice before what you say to people and how it may make them feel.

Be aware of who you are speaking to online, over the phone or on online games. Bullying can occur online, cyberbullying, and can be really damaging. If this is happening to you tell an adult and block other users online.

Try your best to not listen to what the bully is saying, what they are saying does not define who you are, and you shouldn’t let it affect you.

Be kind and respectful to everyone – all children and adults.


NSPCC/Child line 0800 1111 /


 School Council with Andy Parkin Chair of Governors