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Storrington Primary

School Council

Hello we are the school council; we will be holding meetings every fortnight to think about the school and how we can make sure it is the best and happiest place to be.  We will always be thinking about how we can SHINE at Storrington:

How we can be Successful, Happy, Independent, Never give up and Excel

 Look out for our newly elected members for 2018-2019 in the new term. Our first meeting is on Monday 11th September when we will be discussing our next fundraising event, British Values and our plans for the year. 

Staff liaison for school council is Year 3 teacher, Steffi Bedford.


Meeting on 12th September 2018


A big hello from the school council! We are your new members and we can't wait to get started on helping the school out! You will see us about on the playground with our special School Council clipboards, so please pop over for a chat and we'll see what we can do to help! 

Our aims for the year ahead is to: 

  • Help people
  • Fundraise 
  • Get new equipment 

At our next meeting (26th September 2018) we will discuss our plans for Children in Need and how we are helping out on the playground. 

Talk to you soon! Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Henry, Ava, Alexia and William 


Meeting on 26th September 2018

We discussed our ideas for Children in Need. We could;

  • Bring in £1 to wear spots on a non - uniform day
  • Hold a teacher bake - off, where teachers need to bake cakes and compete (if a teacher forgets, you come last place
  • Have a cake raffle
  • Bring a bear
  • Have learning cakes (cakes that help you learn) 
  • Hold a teacher dance - off in pyjamas 
  • Have a cinema night

However, school council thought this last idea might be nice as a reward for the most reading completed at home. Look out for the Children in Need letter confirming our decision on what we do to raise money for this brilliant cause. 

The school council also went outside on the playground to talk to the children in KS2.

Next time (10th October 2018) we would to look at some new playground equipment. 

We will see you again soon! 

Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Ava, Alexia, William, Abigail and Alfie 


Meeting on 10th October 2018

The school council met to discuss our plans for Children In Need. We are excited to hold our staff bake off and our spotty non-uniform day now that this has been approved by Mrs Smith. 

We had a great discussion about how we will judge our bake off and how we will decide who wins. 

We thought it might be lovely if we could hold another bake off later in the year to support one of our other sponsored charities like St Banabas and Make a Wish. 

We also talked about how we are donating money raised from the school council to help the NSPCC. We were thankful for them coming in to talk to all the children about how to stay safe.

We hope the teachers get baking!

Next meeting on 31st October 2018.

From Daisy, Lily, James, Ava, Alexia, William and Henry


Meeting on 1st November 2018 

The school council met to discuss a variety of issues. 

We talked about how the school council would be holding more class school council meetings. 

Some of the school council had reported some issues from playtimes regarding the new play equipment. We decided to talk to the school in assembly about how to use the equipment properly. 

We are also excited for our plans for Children in Need! 

Next meeting on Wednesday 14th November. 

From, Daisy, Lily, James, Ava, Alexia, William, Henry and Sasha 


Meeting on Monday 19th November 2018 

 We held our bake off on Friday - it was brilliant! We had around 20 different lots of cakes and cupcakes to raffle off. We are so proud of all of our staff who helped us out. Thank you so much for your support!  Here are our thoughts about the bake off!

"I thought the bake off was absolutely amazing" - William

"I really wanted a cake! The cakes looked delicious! " - Alexia

" The bake off helped raise a lot of money" - Daisy 
We will let you know how much was raised. 

Last week was also anti - bullying week. Today in our meeting we reviewed the anti - bullying policy. We decided to ask all the children in our classes to come up with a 'RESPECT' slogan for our school. We will add this to the policy when we have collected all the ideas. On Wednesday, we have planned an assembly about anti - bullying. Our focus will be 'Choose respect' as set out by The Anti-Bullying Alliance for this years theme. 



From William, Ava, Henry, Daisy, Lily, Alexia, James


Meeting 9th January 2019 

We were excited to get back to school after the Christmas break. We have lots of ideas of how to support the school over the next few terms this year. 

We discussed our RESPECT work throughout the school and shared examples of children who were showing respect across the school. School council brought up areas of concern where children needed a bit more help with showing respect to other children. We decided we would help everyone to learn about respect more in an assembly. We will look forward to planning and delivering our assembly to the whole school! 

Next time (Wednesday 23rd January), we will continue to make plans for our assembly and discuss some sports funding. 

It's been great to see everyone at school again!

From William, Ava, Henry, Daisy, Lily, Alexia, James


 Meeting on Wednesday 23rd January and Thursday 7th February 2019

We met to discuss our exciting plans for some new school playground equipment. We looked at some ideas together but we had to stick to a budget. We found lots of exciting things from a potential company but we thought carefully about how much we could spend. We had great ideas from a zip wire, to a new slide area and a climbing area. Some of the equipment needed special platforms or particular ground protection so we had to take this into consideration. We were also careful of how much it would cost to build and deliver the equipment too. 

We took our final decision to Mrs Stables the business manager! We will let you know what we can get soon! 

From Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Henry, Ava and William 


Meeting on 28th February 2019 

School council met to discuss our whole school approach to increasing our manners and behaviour. It's always nice to be polite to everyone we meet! We put together some ideas for things we can do and things we shouldn't do. We will send it around the classes for each school council member to share! 

From Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Henry, Ava and William 


Meeting on 3rd April 2019 

We met to discuss Mrs Stables' idea of holding a cake sale for Malawi. This would raise money for those affected by the current storm. We decided to ask Year 3 and the school council to bring or bake cakes.

The event was a success! We had lots and lots of cakes to sell and raised £70.

We would like to say a big thank you for everyone's help in supporting Malawi - thank you!

From  Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Henry, Ava, Abi, Leah and William


Meeting on 8th May 2019 

Hi from the school council! 

We have been discussing respect between ourselves and our friends. We have also been looking more closely at how we can help others respect their environment and equipment more too. 

Look out for your next class meeting to help us decide what action to take. We also hope to hold a school council assembly soon too! 

From Daisy, Lily, Sasha, James, Henry, Ava, Leah, Abi and William