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Storrington Primary


Year 3



Welcome to Year 3!


We can't wait to get started on our journey into Key Stage 2. In Year 3 we will base our learning on lots of interesting and exciting topics, based around history, geography, life skills and science!


We have lots of exciting events happening over the next year, visits from Rainbow Theatre, school trips, dress up days, important visitors and lots more!

It's really important to us that we keep in touch with and work alongside our families at home. We aim to keep you regularly updated with news and events. 

We really look forward to working with you and your child this year and hope it is a year that they will treasure with fond memories.


The Year 3 Team
The staff working in the Year 3 team:


Nicki Cann (Aspen Class)
Lauren Mead (Elm Class)

Teaching Assistants:  
Julie Geal (Aspen Class)

Laura Mercer (Elm Class)

PPA Cover: 
Paris Akehurst
Laura Mercer


Autumn 1

The Wild Robot 

The children will be reading The Wild Robot throughout English and using this as our key text. This text has links to friendship, family, motherhood, nature vs. technology, bullying and helping others.
Our main focus for this topic is to understand what makes a good friend. 

Autumn Term 1:  The Wild Robot Topic Booklet


Autumn 2 

The Stone Age

During this  history topic we will be learning about life in prehistoric times and what life was like in the Stone Age. We will focus on how we can learn about the past and find clues about what life was like from different sources. As we explore a local hill fort, Cissbury Ring, we will draw on our geographical knowledge to understand why this was an important settlement.

Autumn Term 2:  The Stone Age Topic Booklet 


Spring 1

The Ancient Egyptians

During this history topic we will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt. We will make comparisons between the experiences of people in Ancient Egypt and our own experiences of life today in Britain. We will build on our knowledge to create a timeline of events during this period, and answer questions such as; “Where is Egypt?” and “Why was the River Nile so important?”. We are also eagerly awaiting a visit from Rainbow Theatre to really make this topic come to life!

Spring Term 1: Life in Ancient Egypt Topic Booklet


Spring 2

We are Town Planners


This Geography based topic will open our eyes to the world around us and beyond! We will study our local area, Storrington, and its surrounding locality, including Worthing. We will be looking at different types of settlements and the difference between human and physical features. 

Spring 2: We are Town Planners Topic booklet  


Summer 1 

We Are Worldwide Travel Agents

This Geography topic will build on our knowledge from We are Town Planners. We will be looking at the land use of England and comparing this to Spain, Italy and Alaska. We will be using our geography skills to help locate different countries and capital cities across the world! 

Summer Term 1: Topic Booklet


Summer 2



This Science and Geography topic will pull together all our knowledge we have learnt this year in Science and Geography. We are going to be investigating oceans all around the world and discovering different types of life and sea creatures. We are super excited to be visiting the oldest aquarium in the world! 

Summer Term 2: Topic Booklet