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Storrington Primary

Welcome to Year 5!

















Mrs Parsons and Miss Curley are the Year 5 teachers who aim to make Year 5 challenging but fun for the children. Alongside the teachers are Mrs Tracey Pettit, Mrs Alison O'Sullivan and Mrs Hayley Fillary our Year 5 teaching assistants. Our classrooms are currently upstairs in the main building from where we can admire the view of our amazing school grounds.

We gladly welcome parents into our year group to hear children read or offer support during lesson time. Throughout the year we aim to keep you fully informed with all the information you require, whether about the day to day events in the year group, your own child or whole school events.

We really look forward to working with you and your child this year and hope it is a year that they will treasure with fond memories.

Year 5 Welcome Booklet

Spring Term 1:  Planning and Objectives

Spring Term 2:  Planning and Knowledge Organiser

The Year 5 Team

The staff working in the Year 5 team:


Nicki Gilbert (Larch class)

Rachel Curley (Willow class)

Teaching Assistants: 

Hayley Fillary

Mia Pepper

Anita Saville


PPA Cover

Premier Sports 


 Help at home

In Year 5, we encourage the children to practise their spellings and times tables as often as possible at home. This will develop the children's confidence in these areas. Practice lots of different maths topics by visiting the following websites:

Topmarks Maths