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English Intent 

The teaching of both reading and writing at Storrington Primary School is based on the rigorous, consistent teaching of key skills coupled with creativity and choice. Quality, linked texts from a variety of cultures and in a range of different styles and formats are used to inspire, motivate and model language choices for children.  We aim to make every lesson a language lesson by giving the children opportunities to explore the English language through talk and the exploration of vocabulary as they learn. Our aim at Storrington is for children in our school to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers and writers. Enthusiasm for English is promoted in all environments – inside and out. We want children to enjoy communicating their ideas and to become effective readers and writers.  Strong English skills are vital and will support children’s learning across the whole curriculum. We ensure that our children are taught to read, and write, with fluency, accuracy and understanding through a variety of discreet and cross-curricular learning opportunities which build on previous English learning. Their journey as readers and writers begins as soon as they begin school. 


  • Positive attitudes to reading and writing are fostered through carefully designed teaching activities and classroom provision. The need for children to enjoy reading and actively choose to read for different purposes informs this provision. Reading celebrations such as World Book day, poetry days and half termly reading assemblies are used to emphasize the importance of reading and encourage children to read at home, both with their parents and independently.  
  • Teachers act as role models in their enthusiasm for both reading and writing by keeping up to date with current children’s literature and choosing stimulating, quality literature and non-fiction to lead or support half termly topics. As a result, the teaching of reading and writing is embedded within meaningful, and interesting contexts. 


  • Teachers use a balanced approach. Teaching activities promote children’s abilities to decode and encode written language at word and sentence level, and to search for meaning in the text. Teaching activities also reflect the need for children to engage imaginatively with texts, using their inference and deduction skills which then feeds into their ability to create texts of their own. 


English policy 

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