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Useful Links

Storrington Primary

Growth Mindset


We work with the children in developing 'Growth Mindset' at school this year and thinking about how we can make ourselves better learners.  For the last twenty years, Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford University has been researching mindsets, achievement and success.   She defines mindset as your beliefs about yourself and your qualities of intelligence, talents and personality.   There are two types of mindsets, fixed and growth.



Follow these links to find out more about how you can help your child at home and Carol Dweck's work:

Storrington Primary School Growth Mindset Leaflet

Carol Dweck "Developing a Growth Mindset" - You Tube

Carol Dweck "The Effect of Praise on Mindsets" - You Tube

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success - You Tube


This book is a great read to understand how the brain works: