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Welcome to our home learning information page.  We hope it will provide you with all the information necessary so that you and your child can access our school’s online learning provision either in the event of school being directed to close by the government  (when school is shut for the majority of pupils), or in the event a whole bubble or an individual family need to isolate due to Covid-19.



How is online learning shared when the school is ordered to close by the government for the majority of pupils?


All online learning is shared through Google Classroom at the start of each week and learning will be organised into daily folders for ease of access.  We recommend you follow the timetable each day because this will ensure your child is accessing the range of curriculum subjects on offer in a balanced way throughout the week. If you need to structure home learning around your working day or childcare however, the learning is accessible from Monday at 9am so you can plan ahead.


We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we may need to make some adaptations in some subjects.  For example in science, where certain resources may not be easily attainable at home or in PE where space constrictions may be an issue at home.


Teachers will hold a morning meeting where they set expectations for learning each day before checking in at the end of each session to give feedback to learners.  This face to face interaction will take place via Google Meet so that the children are able to engage with their teachers and share their learning whilst not in school.  Times for these sessions will be shared via Google Classroom and can be found on the stream. 


Teachers are able to track daily who is logging on to online learning.  Any children who are not engaging daily will be contacted in order for school to ascertain why and to provide necessary support.  Workbooks will be provided for those unable to access the online home learning.


Dedicated emails for each year group provide a way for all parents to ask questions and access support with home learning.  If you need help please contact your child’s year group and a teacher will get back in contact with you as soon as possible within working hours. Please see contact information below.










If you have an IT issue regarding access or resources please contact Mr Amos, our dedicated IT technician at




While school is closed to the majority of pupils we will be maintaining contact with our families in a range of ways to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our families.


Class teachers are monitoring engagement with online learning.  If there is concern about how a child is managing their learning remotely a member of staff will then telephone to discuss how we can provide further support. 


If you have safeguarding concerns whilst you are not in school please contact


How is online learning shared when a bubble or an individual is isolating and the rest of the school is open as normal?

Learning will be shared via Google Classroom at the start of the week for those isolating to undertake at home.  Your child should complete the work set for the days that they are absent.



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