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Storrington Primary


Year 1


 Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to Year 1!  This is an exciting and important year for you and your child as you move from Reception into a more formal school based approach. We aim to provide a smooth transition between year groups, as it is of great importance to us that the children are supported in the best way possible, to ensure they feel safe and happy to learn.

During the initial part  of Autumn term, each area of the curriculum is based around small, focused teaching and learning time with a teacher or adult, as well as some ‘choiceboard time’ in that specific curriculum area which is where the children can select activities linked to our whole class learning. Gradually, as the year progresses, the learning will take on a more structured approach to suit the National Curriculum requirements for Year 1.

We build on the length of time children can sit for a teaching input, as well as working independently and in groups on a specific task where more focus is placed on your child working in their exercise book. Wherever possible, we take on a thematic approach to your child’s learning. This allows them to become immersed in the theme regardless of its specific subject. Ultimately we want your child to enjoy learning and explore their interests further.

We intersperse our learning with brain breaks to keep our lessons active and fun and  know that every child is an individual. We work hard to ensure our planning suits different learning styles so that all the children can succeed  and love learning.

Thank you for your support,
The Year 1 Team


To access the presentation from our Welcome to Year One meeting please click the button below: /docs/Colorful_Vintage_Elegant_Library_Furniture_Animated_Illustration_Presentation_.mp4

 The information slides from the phonics screener meeting can be viewed via the button below:

Phonics Screener Parent Meeting Slides






Helen Walker and Sophie Bull (Apple Class)

Kia Atkins and Georgina Tulett (Cherry Class)

Teaching Assistants: 

Amanda Stubbings

Kate Scutt

Emma Cornford

PPA Cover:

Paris Akehurst 

Fiona Bull


Help At Home




♦ Counting forwards and backwards to 100
♦ Counting in twos, fives and tens
♦ Measure things around the home in cm
♦ Writing numbers to 100


♦ Write simple sentences, use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
♦ Read daily
♦ Listen to a range of texts read to them                                                                                                                 ♦ Practise spelling Year One red words                                                                                                                    ♦ Practise weekly spelling rules (click link below to access)






Autumn Term 1:  The Magic Toybox Topic Booklet
Autumn Term 2:  Whatever the Weather Topic Booklet
Spring Term 1:  Once Upon A Time Topic Booklet
Spring Term 2:  People Who Changed the World Topic Booklet
Summer Term 1:  Our Wonderful World Topic Booklet
Summer Term 2:  Towers and Turrets Topic Booklet