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Storrington Primary

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is one of our core areas of learning at Storrington Primary School. We call it Lifeskills in class. We feel this helps children understand that they are learning skills that they will take with them as they live and grow up in the wider world. 

On this page you will find plenty of information and helpful links all about our Lifeskills lessons at Storrington Primary School. 

Our PSHCE Intent

At Storrington Primary School, we want all learners to SHINE, be safe, happy, independent, never give up and excel. Our PSHCE curriculum ensures all our school values are central to our learning, whilst making sure our pupils become and develop into caring, creative and confident children. We want children to be knowledgeable of the wider world around them, promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We bring together PSHCE with RE, Citizenship, Science, Computing and PE learning across all our topics so that our pupils can experience the lives of other people and maintain healthy lives. At Storrington Primary School we value the opportunity to explore our wider community outside of our Storrington village; we hope pupils can experience the variety of the world that they will later grow up in. It is important that they understand and are ready to meet others that may be different to them and their own family relationships. We nurture and educate our pupils in order to help them to develop the understanding and skills they will need to live happy, healthy and successful lives, now and within their future. A great deal of importance is placed on the use of our SHINE values and each class shares these with the children well. Children are rewarded by being respectful, ready and safe. Each class displays a positive recognition board whereby good values are celebrated.


What themes of learning do we teach in Lifeskills? 

As the new Relationships, Sex and Health Curriculum becomes compulsory learning, we feel our curriculum is ready to help children learn these core areas. 

Children should be ready to experience a range of different relationships that they will face as they grow. We want children to be safe, understand a range of different families, caring friendships, respectful relationships and how relationships can grow online too.

Children need to be prepared for changes as they approach adolescence, from maintaining a healthy balanced diet, being physically well, preventing and recognising signs of ill health, both physically and mentally. Children should understand how they can identify and express feelings, caring for their mental well-being. As children reach the later stages of key stage two, they should begin to recognise how changes in their bodies will affect them physically and emotionally.

We should equip our children to understand how the internet and social media can affect their physical and mental wellbeing; understanding the risks associated with excessive time spent on electronic devices and when to ‘switch off’. Children should know why restrictions are age limited to games and on social media.

In our changing world, children will learn to be critical thinkers in their relationships and as consumers. We endeavour to teach children to think about which relationships are good for them and what to do when things begin to go wrong, if they feel unsafe or unhappy. As children use developing technology, they should be critical in their use of devices and of how and why particular information is being presented to them on the internet, within apps and throughout our digital world.

We hope that by providing this curriculum for our children, they will feel readily equipped to face the wider world!


Helpful Links and Documents 

Below you will find lots of useful links and documents all about our learning in Lifeskills and more! 



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Further Links and Resources 


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