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Science Intent

At Storrington Primary School we want all learners to SHINE: be safe, happy, independent, never give up, and excel. We provide opportunities for our children to develop as creative, confident, and caring learners and members of our community. Through our values-led curriculum we work together to ensure children are prepared for their next stages of life in modern Britain and beyond.

Through regular Science Days, visitors to enhance our learning experiences and a Science Fair, we aim to harness our pupils’ excitement and curiosity about science and promote it as a core subject in the curriculum.

Using Pzaz Science scheme of work as a basis for planning, but with the freedom for teachers to make links across subjects and devise their own lesson plans, our staff team will deliver sequences of lesson that build on children’s prior knowledge and understanding. Pupils are taught to:

  • Describe the world around them using common language in early years and developing their scientific vocabulary as they progress through the school
  • Develop their links to mathematics through collecting, organising and presenting data as well as interpreting that data to look for patterns
  • Practice the scientific enquiry skills: observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and researching using secondary sources. These should be embedded in each lesson.
  • Challenge their own assumptions and misconceptions through investigation and discussion
  • Apply their knowledge to the world we live in to see how science impacts on technology, engineering, and design
  • Use our outdoor environment as a resource for practical learning
  • Understand that science and engineering is an exciting career prospect for both boys and girls

Our Science curriculum is designed to provide our learners with a mixture of subject knowledge, scientific enquiry skills and practical experience. We encourage the children in our school to understand that Science explains the world around us through the interlinked disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We want our learners to ask questions, make predictions, investigate their ideas and those of famous scientists, and to analyse cause and effect.

We want all our learners, including those with SEN and in receipt of pupil premium, to experience a broad science curriculum and to make good progress through targeted support and interventions where necessary.

Science monitoring takes place to ensure our aims are being met, involving the lead teacher, SLT, and governors. Children are involved in this process through pupil interviews and  school council.


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