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Who are Thought-Full?
Thought-Full are The Mental Health Support Team in Schools in West Sussex. They are a team of practitioners working in primary and secondary schools supporting school aged children up to 18 years old with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

What do Thought-Full offer?
Thought-Full can support children and young people who are experiencing the following: mild to moderate low mood and/or anxiety, fears, worry, low self-esteem, sleep difficulties, eating problems (linked to mood and emotional issues) and young children with behavioural issues.  Our offer of 1:1 support uses an evidence-based approach of Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) informed interventions.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?
CBT is an evidenced based intervention proven effective in helping children and young people to cope with, and manage the difficulties they are experiencing. It is a psychological therapy that is based on the concept that emotional issues are caused and kept going by unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours. CBT focuses on a thoughts, feelings and behaviours cycle. It helps identify these unhelpful cycles of thinking and behaving, so that with help, a child or young person can build a more helpful belief and improve their problem-solving skills which will then reduce emotional difficulties.

How does this work in Storrington Primary School?
We are hosting a trainee Educational Mental Health practitioner called Frankie Lee. She will be with us every week and will be taking on a caseload of students to work with. Frankie is training with Sussex University and will be qualified in the summer. We will continue to be one of her schools once she is qualified.  

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