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Storrington Primary

Our Vision and Values

Our Mission

Where confident, creative, caring learners SHINE.

At Storrington Primary School, we want all learners to SHINE, be safe, happy, independent, never give up and excel. We will plan opportunities for our children to develop as creative, confident and caring learners and members of our local and wider community.


Our Values

Responsibility – We will take ownership of actions, learning and the wellbeing of all.

Kindness – We will be considerate and caring when choosing our words and actions.

Positivity – We will be ready to make the best of everyday.

Cooperation – We will work, learn and play together to achieve.

Resilience – We will persevere through challenges and show determination to excel.

Individuality – We will celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and be brave enough to be our true selves.


Our Vision

Aim 1

All learners will achieve their potential, regardless of starting point, through a rich, diverse curriculum that both supports and stretches.

Aim 2

We will create a community of curious and resilient thinkers who value learning and make a positive impact on society.

Aim 3

We will champion a student-led approach to celebrating diversity, promoting equality, and driving social responsibility.

Aim 4

We will build a safe, happy, inclusive and sustainable environment where all learners, staff and community can excel.

Aim 5

We will improve our financial resilience by looking for opportunities to diversify income, build new partnerships and attract an increase in pupil numbers.

Aim 6

We will develop strong, passionate leaders whose expertise is recognised inside and outside the school gates.