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Storrington Primary


The Hive at Storrington Primary


What makes us different to other childcare providers?

  • Flexible booking, book regular sessions or as late as on the day needed
  • Only 24 hour cancellation notice or £6 charged
  • We don’t charge you into the next hour for being a few minutes late ( see below)
  • The children choose what activities they wish to do
  • All our staff are fully qualified
  • No upfront fees other than £10 registration fee that we give back to the school
  • We record the hours your child/children have attended and invoice you at the end of each month for those hours only and you have one week to pay.
  • We started the Hive to provide safe, fun wrap around care for children and to provide flexible stress free childcare for the parents/careers.

 We provide a breakfast of toast with various spreads, cereals, fruit, yogurts and croissants.   After School we offer a snack straight from school ie. toast, pitta bread, brioche, pancakes, fruit, biscuits etc with a similar choice around  4.30pm.  At 5.30pm we offer all of the above as well as toasted sandwiches and beans on toast plus fruit or yoghurt.

We have found this week that the selection of food has been really popular with the children and of course we have a selection of wheat and dairy free foods.



Breakfast Club is open from 7am

 We charge £6 for Breakfast Club

After School Club is £6 per hour or £15 for three hours and over.

School pick up to 4.30pm = 1hr £6.00

up to 5.15 = 2hrs £12.00

up to 6.30pm £15.00


Signing in and out

You do not need to sign your child/ children into Breakfast Club as we have a register and tick each child off as they come in. This not only saves you time but enables us to run the register daily. This is why we ask you to book in for Breakfast Club so we know who is attending.

You will be asked to sign out when you collect your child, we then use these sign out registers to calculate your invoice at the end of each month.



We have a fantastic group of staff that work at The Hive, some of which you will recognise from working within the school already. All of our staff have a child care qualification and we aim to work closely with the school to ensure we offer the same policies and procedures.

Ofsted Number

Our Ofsted number for Storrington 2511589


If you wish to register with The Hive please email   or collect a welcome pack from the school office.

 Thank you for your continued support

Jenny & Sue

The Hive